Adult Classes

Wednesday @ 9:30 am – HathaYoga

Class Card - $150.00

Class cards are non-transferable and valid for 6 months from the date issued (will be issued on first visit to The Graceful Planet)

Location:  The Graceful Planet, 7 Berkshire Rd, Sandy Hook

The Graceful Planet offers a 10-class card, which enables you to take any of the following on-going classes, (class schedules are subject to change, classes are one hour except as noted)

Drop-in $17

Class cards are  non transferable and expire in 6 

Wednesday @ 9:30 am –  Hatha Yoga with Sheryl Fatse

A Hatha influenced class promoting gentle physical release in familiar and accessible postures for all levels.  Followed by a guided yoga nidra mediation filled with animal and nature imagery. Working with sankulpa "intention",  we explore possibility and create space to fulfill deep desires of the heart". 

Purchase online

Eleven women
curled on our favorite side

warm from within, faces 
innocent, unguarded, whole

We leave busy lives
women all ages and shapes

sun salutation, star pose
warrior, goddess and child

Jeanetta Miller


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